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California Sunbounce  Sniper Strap - Pro Leather - Black  

Main specs

Type: Strap / Vest:  strap

Material:  Leather


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California Sunbounce-Sniper Strap - Pro Leather - Black-Camera Straps & Vests



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Closing Mechanism

The strap runs through a ring attached to a machined stainless-steel cylinder, which rotates on ball bearings and connects to the tripod socket of your camera. The ring allows the camera to slide up and down the strap, letting you draw the camera up to your eye quickly.

Memory Card Compartment

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Waterproof Capabilities

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Main Features

The new SNIPER-STRAP THE "PRO-LEATHER" - Steel & Bear - combines modern functionality and classic elegant design.
In addition to the “STEEL” safety feature the THE "PRO-LEATHER" - STEEL & BEAR - ads a friction eliminating genuine STAINLESS STEEL BEARING for better spinning and less swinging. This new camera/strap connector development also shortens the physical distance between camera and strap and reduces drastically unwanted swaying. 

  • New!
  • Friction eliminating genuine STAINLESS STEEL BEARING for better spinning
  • Guaranteed drastically reduced swaying
  • CUTER CRASHER - the strap is insured
  • Comfortable thanks to the integrated SHOCK ABSORBER 
The SUN-SNIPER SYSTEM with „SHOCK ABSORBER“, „CUTER-CRASHER“ and „GENUINE BEARING“ is the sensation for D-SLR-PROS: It is the fastest and most
comfortable SNIPER-STRAP in the world. A MUST-HAVE for all D-SLR photographers, whether you are PRO or SEMI-PRO it is as ingenious as it is simple.
, SUN-SNIPER Insurance:
If a thief manages to cut your "SUN-SNIPER STEEL" camera strap with a knife and steal your camera, you are insured for up to 500 US$ or 400 EUR


Type: Strap / Vest



DSLR Camera


California Sunbounce


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