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California Sunbounce  Sun Sniper Activity Clip  

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Type: Strap / Vest:  clip

Material:  not specified


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California Sunbounce-Sun Sniper Activity Clip-Camera Straps & Vests


Type: Strap / Vest



locks the camera in the perfect position when needed


California Sunbounce

Additional features

Waterproof Capabilities

Not Available

Main Features

The ACTIVITY-CLIP keeps the camera locked in perfect position when needed. Still ready to shoot. The camera can be quickly locked at a perfect position and released in the same way. The ACTIVITY-CLIP is simply attached to the belt. Whether you are walking, running or climbing – with the ACTIVITY-CLIP – the camera will reliably stay in perfect position. The ACTIVITY-CLIP guarantees secure locking of the camera. The ACTIVITY-CLIP can be used with all single straps as well as with the DPH and TPH. Use on either side is convenient.



not specified

Closing Mechanism

Not Available

Memory Card Compartment

Not Available


Not Available

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