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California Sunbounce  Sun Sniper Strap - Black  

Main specs

Type: Strap / Vest:  strap

Material:  ballistic nylon, high quality polyester


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California Sunbounce-Sun Sniper Strap - Black-Camera Straps & Vests


Waterproof Capabilities

Not Available

Main Features

The SUN-SNIPER-STRAP, made by SUN-SNIPER GmbH, is the new generation of quick, pliant and ultra convenient camera straps for professional photographers.
The SUN-SNIPER-STRAP has a SHOCK ABSORBER that absorbs jolts in the strap and makes carrying the camera even more comfortable.
This feature spares the photographer's back and reduces the load on the suspension point of the camera - the tripod socket. This positive effect is particularly noticeable with long lenses.

The Most Innovative Camera Strap on the Market

The SHOCK ABSORBER is integrated in the strap and makes carrying the camera even more comfortable.
The camera hangs over your butt and can be hoisted quickly, safely and ready to shoot. It allows the photographer to intuitively find the handle and the shutter button without losing sight of the subject. He can effortlessly move the camera to his face and capture images that would previously have been lost.
With the innovative strap, the camera screw glides along the strap to your eye as if it were on tracks - without great frictional resistance.
The strap is worn diagonally over your chest and shoulder, so it is never in the way - not even when you turn the camera for portrait-style shots.
You can carry your telephoto lens through crowds and narrow alleys without bumping into anything.
The SUN-SNIPER-STRAP is fastened to the tripod socket of the camera body or lens.

The SHOCK-ABSORBER and the even, diagonal weight distribution make the strap particularly comfortable to wear. You will appreciate this especially when hiking or in a stadium, when wearing the strap for hours at a time.
The strap is woven of very high quality polyester. The outer edges are reinforced to create two "tracks."
The shoulder pad on the SUN-SNIPER-STRAP is made essentially of the best ballistic nylon, meaning that it is extremely durable. Bulletproof vests used by the police and the military are made of the same material.
Safety is an important feature of the SUN-SNIPER-STRAP: Each strap is carefully inspected before it leaves the warehouse in Germany to verify that all of the connections along the SUN-SNIPER-STRAP are secure.
If the strap is to be used with a smaller, more compact camera, the shoulder pad can be removed to save space. Then the strap fits a compact camera perfectly.
Only the professional camera handling and the resulting high work speed can top these positive features of the SUN-SNIPER-STRAP.


Type: Strap / Vest



DSLR Camera


California Sunbounce



adjustable up to 63 inches

Closing Mechanism

The strap runs through a ring attached to a machined stainless-steel cylinder, which rotates on ball bearings and connects to the tripod socket of your camera. The ring allows the camera to slide up and down the strap, letting you draw the camera up to your eye quickly.

Memory Card Compartment

Not Available


Not Available


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