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Graslon  Prodigy Flat - Flash Diffuser - Model 4100F  

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Brand:  Graslon

Type of Accessory:  Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


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Graslon-Prodigy Flat - Flash Diffuser - Model 4100F-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Flash Diffuser / Light Modifier


Good pictures need good light but often the flash creates harsh edges and unflattering shadows. The Graslon Prodigy flash diffuser has an optical system that redistributes the light before sending it through the diffusing lens creating shadows that look like they were taken in a studio setting right from the on-camera flash.

The Graslon Prodigy flash diffuser has rigid, sliding-and-locking mounting brackets that fits all Canon EOS, Metz, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Sigma, & other external flash units securely.

The Graslon Prodigy flash diffuser looks professional, like it belongs on-the-job with your professional gear, and it will do its job unnoticed, instead of generating awkward stares and conversations as people try to figure out what that thing is on your flash.

The Prodigy comes with your choice of a flat or dome front lens. The flat is more directional and useful when you are using the flash as a fill light in no-bounce situations. The dome lens will spread the light everywhere and takes advantage of walls and ceilings when available.




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