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PROMASTER®  SystemPro Flash Bracket 1  

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Brand:  ProMaster

Type of Accessory:  Flash shoe mount / bracket


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PROMASTER®-SystemPro Flash Bracket 1-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Flash shoe mount / bracket


Locking flash shoe
, Large platform for greater stability
, Softens harsh shadows
, Eliminates ''red-eye''
, The PROMASTER SystemPRO Flash Bracket 1 features a "quick flip" design that keeps the flash high and directly over the camera lens in both horizontal and vertical positions. This helps to eliminate red-eye and unwanted side shadows. The Flash Bracket 1 also sports an ultrasteady platform base that allows the user to stand the entire assembly (camera, flash and bracket) up for easier access and greater stability. The large base has more surface area making it ideal for larger cameras like medium format or digital SLR cameras.


Most SLR's one size fits all


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