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Photo Basics  StrobeLite Studio Kit (#220)  

Main specs

Type:  studio lighting kit

Contents:  Reflector arm (x1), 7.5' Light Stands (x2), 40'' 5 -in- 1 Reflector (x1), 4...

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Photo Basics-StrobeLite Studio Kit (#220)-Studio Lighting Kits

Kit properties


Reflector arm (x1), 7.5' Light Stands (x2), 40'' 5 -in- 1 Reflector (x1), 43'' White Umbrella (x1), StrobeLite (x1), Educational DVD


Strobelite PRO kit puts you in control of your lighting. Two 24" x 32" silver soft boxes with adapter rings allow you to wrap light around your subject while maintaining control. The internal baffle and outer diffusion panel are each easily removed, allowing you to go from soft, diffused lighting to high-contrast lighting without changing your setup. Each kit comes complete with a carry case and educational DVD. The educational DVD will walk you through numerous lighting techniques including portrait lighting, fashion photography, product photography, posing, camera techniques and more.

General specifications


studio lighting kit

Background Properties


Not Available


Not Available

Stand properties


8.5 '

Collapsed Height

Not Available


5/8 standard fitting

Reflector/Diffuser properties




7.0 ''

Light properties

Type of Light

Studio Strobe

Modeling Light

not specified

Modeling Light/Flash tube Number

Standard Fluo or Incandescent Flood Bulbs

Guide Number

117 feet, 39 meter

Flash Triggering

Sync Cable, Slave cell, Flash or Test button

Recycling Time

2.0 s

Fuse Rating

Not Available

Temperature Control

Not Available

Reflector Mount

standard 7''


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