ProMaster 100x150mm Hard Grad ND16X (1.2) HGX Prime Filter

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ProMaster 100x150mm Hard Grad ND16X (1.2) HGX Prime Filter
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  • Dimensions: 100mm x 150mm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Light reduction: 4 stops
  • Optical Density: 1.2
  • Filter Factor: 16X


This Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter reduces 4 stops of light in its grey, neutral density area and it has a hard transition between its ND and clear sides. It allows you to balance exposure in compositions were a large difference between light and dark exists. Position the dark area of the filter over the bright portion of the scene and carefully place the transition between the light and dark areas within your composition for a natural looking result. This is particularly useful in scenes with a bright sky and a dark landscape.

Crafted for fine lenses, HGX Prime ND Graduated filters are individually ground, polished, and coated using Schott B270 glass. They repel dirt while transmitting light clearly and accurately for true color. This filter is completely neutral and its transition from light to dark is smooth, making it an excellent tool for selectively controlling exposure. 

Protective: Repellamax II Anti-static barrier resists dust, dirt, oil, water, and fingerprints.

Best Image: Neutral density with a smooth gradient yields accurate colors and natural looking light in your compositions.

Strong and Durable: Made with Schott B270 glass and scratch resistant coatings.

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Additional Information

Brand ProMaster
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