XRITE i1 ColorChecker FilmmakerKit

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XRITE i1 ColorChecker FilmmakerKit
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  • i1Display Pro Plus Colorimeter
  • ColorChecker Passport Video


Created for filmmakers with demanding color accuracy needs, the i1 ColorChecker Filmmaker Kit from X-Ritebundles the advanced colorimeter, for calibrating all monitors on a production, along with the video-intended ColorChecker for to help achieve accurate color balance when grading footage.

X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus Colorimeter

A versatile colorimeter well-suited for photography and filmmaking applications, the i1Display Pro Plus from X-Rite is an updated version of their i1Display Pro designed to handle brighter monitor designs, up to 2000 cd/m2. Suitable for OLED, LED, and other contemporary monitor types, as well as projectors and mobile devices, this colorimeter also supports wide gamut and HDR workflows to ensure accurate and consistent colors. Working in conjunction with the included i1Profiler software, this advanced calibration tool also helps to create different profiles depending on your surroundings by measuring ambient light conditions, including specific flare and glare issues. Consistent profiles can be ported over to multiple display configurations, as well as multiple groups of monitors in a single location for greater consistency from machine to machine. Additionally, it supports manual setting of the monitor's white point and also can work in conjunction with Pantone Color Manager software for spot color requirement

i1Display Pro Plus

In addition to the functionality of the standard i1Display Pro colorimeter, this plus model also supports:
  •  Accurately measure brightness and luminance levels up to 2000 cd/m².
  •  Black current subtraction technology helps to obtain neutral detail levels and improved accuracy in dark colors with OLED monitors or other displays that can achieve a close-to-zero black point.
  •  Default gamma curve of BT.1886 is beneficial for 3D LUT workflows and HDR-supported displays and helps to reduce clipping in dark areas and achieve smoother tonal transitions in shadow areas.
  •  Compatible with USB Type-C ports when used with the included USB Type-A to USB Type-C adapter.

Monitor Calibration

  •  Supports are contemporary monitor types, including LED, plasma, RG phosphor, OLED, and wide gamut designs.
  •  Complete control of white point, luminance, contrast ratio, gamma, and other measurements.
  •  Support for popular broadcast video standards, including NTSC, PAL SECAM, Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, and DCI-P3.
  •  Ambient Light Measurement automatically determines the optimum display luminance for comparing prints to your display, based on a measurement of the lighting conditions where prints will be viewed. Additionally, Ambient Light Smart Control can compensate for the intensity or amount of ambient light surrounding your workspace, which can affect that way color is perceived, and provide the option to automatically adjust your profile or simply notify you as ambient light conditions change.
  •  Flare Correct measures and adjusts your display profile for reduced contrast ratios caused by flare or glare falling on surface of display.
  •  Intelligent Iterative Profiling is an adaptive technology that produces optimized color accuracy results each time you profile.
  •  Three patch set sizes (small, medium, or large) allow you to increase your profile accuracy by measuring a greater number of patches. Custom patch sets can also be created to optimize your profiles by extracting colors from specific images or via Pantone spot colors selected from the included Pantone Color Manager software.
  •  Automatic Display Control (ADC) technology automatically adjusts your display's brightness, backlighting, contrast, and color temperature to speed up the profiling process and eliminate the need for manual adjustments.
  •  It is possible to set the White Point from predefined values, custom X/Y values, based on measurement of ambient light, based on measurement of another display, or from previously measured values.
  •  Multiple Display and Workgroup Matching permits reusing profile settings on multiple displays connected to the same computer or to multiple computers within a workgroup.
  •  Before and after images show calibration results using either an image from X-Rite or one of your own.
  •  Profile reminder notifies you when it is time to re-profile your display.

Projector Calibration

  •  Quickly and accurately create projector profiles with intelligent adaptive profiling technology for greater color accuracy from each unique projector.
  •  Compact design for portability and location use.
  •  Integrated tripod mount benefits use in larger venues while the built-in diffuser arm also functions as a stand for tabletop applications.

Mobile Device Calibration

  •  Support the free ColorTRUE mobile app for calibrating the display of your mobile devices for matching the color across your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video

Bringing control and consistency to your workflow can be a creative boon, and the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Videoprovides you with tools that allow you achieve more consistent results, quicker, and with more ease. Designed for the professional, non-professionals can also benefit from using this tool with their editing and color correction applications. The pocket-sized hard case is easily carried with you, contains all four test charts, and protects the charts from dirt and fading when not in use.

The three included color calibration targets and focus target provide a wide range of options for use on your shoot. The focus target can be used to check your lens's calibration, and you can use it to set your focus on your subject. The white balance card aids you in manually setting your camera's white balance in changing environments. The grayscale card and color chip chart provide you with references for color balancing your footage in post, whether trying to intercut two different cameras together or adjust to different lighting set ups.

Video Chip Target

The chip chart has been simplified and redesigned to be more meaningful. The grayscale chips run vertically, which matches a waveform monitor's display much better than a horizontal scale does. Further, the chromatic and skin tone chips match the video spectrum, and display neatly on a vectorscope. A description of the columns on the chip chart follows:
  • Chromatic Row - Yellow, Red, Magenta, Blue, Cyan, Green 
  • Range of skin tones from dark to light and different undertones
  • Linear Grayscale steps for even gray balance, with extra steps close to the highlight and shadow regions
  • Highlight and Shadow grays including a high gloss black to ensure it is dark enough to capture the range of a digital Camera

White Balance Target

Creating in-camera white balance helps to start at a neutral point for all images you capture. Balancing your footage to a consistent color balance makes editing go smoother, and is less jarring when cutting from one shot to the next. The consistent color balance can also speed up color correction, and with the increased speed and ease, you may find yourself with more time and energy to explore creative color choices.

Grayscale Target

The three panels of the grayscale target are white, 40 IRE gray, and black. These targets can be used to align the exposure and contrast of cameras you may be matching on set, and can help ensure that mid-tones, such as flesh tones, are rendered accurately. The combination of the white, gray, and black patches allow you to evaluate your exposure to prevent your highlights from clipping, while protecting your shadow detail, and 40 IRE provides a good standard to compare your exposure on faces to.

Focus Target

The focus target can be used to confirm / adjust your lens's flange focus / back focus distance. You can also use it to shoot focus test and compare your different lenses sharpness to each other.
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