MANFROTTO 509 & Alu Twin Fast 2n1

MANFROTTO 509 & Alu Twin Fast 2n1
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  • Manfrotto 509HD Head with 100mm Ball
  • 645 Twin Fast Aluminum Tripod Legs
  • 2-in-1 Mid-Level/Ground Spreader
  • Carry Bag Included


The Manfrotto 509HD Tripod System with Aluminum 645 Twin Fast Legs, 2-in-1 Spreader, and Carry Bag combines the heavy-duty 509HD fluid head with 2-stage carbon fiber tripod legs that feature a single lock per leg, combination mid-level/ground spreader, and carry bag. Together, the head, legs, and spreader create an effective combination of stability and smooth, precise control. The head is based on Manfrotto's bridging technology and supports up to 29 pounds. It features a four-step counterbalance mechanism that allows you to tune the head to your camera.

The aluminum are durable and strong. The included spreader can be used either as a ground spreader on smooth/flat surfaces, or as a mid-level spreader when working on uneven terrain. Included with this system is a padded carrying bag for storage and transport.

Manfrotto 509HD Professional Video Head

The Manfrotto 509HD Professional Video Head supports professional video camera systems weighing up to 29 lb. A four-step counterbalance mechanism ensures optimum balance and helps for quick setup. The tripod head features ergonomic adjustments and Easy Link connectors, and it uses lightweight PVC-free materials in its components. Featuring bridging technology with a ball bearing drag system, this tripod head offers professional-quality stability as well as precise, smooth movements.

A unique Advance Balancing Recorder (ABR) feature can record the perfect balanced position for your camera equipment so that the position can be recalled later on. This electronic ABR feature reduces the time needed for setting up and balancing your camera system on the tripod head.


Tripod head for professional video applications
Load capacity up to 29 lb
4-step counterbalance mechanism ensures optimum balance and quick setup
Ergonomic adjustments and Easy Link connectors
Uses lightweight PVC-free materials in its components
Bridging Technology with a ball bearing drag system for professional quality stability as well as precise, smooth movements
Advance Balancing Recorder (ABR) records the perfect balanced position for your camera equipment so that the position can be recalled later on

Manfrotto 645 Fast Twin Leg Video Tripod with Ultra L-Lock Mechanism (Aluminum)

The Manfrotto 645 Fast Twin Leg Video Tripod with Ultra L-Lock Mechanism is a two-stage aluminum tripod with a 100mm bowl and a single leg lock mechanism for each leg. A 100 to 75mm bowl adapter is included, so you get the flexibility to use 100 or 75mm video heads. The tripod features twin spiked feet with removable rubber overshoes, allowing for use on various terrain as well as on flat, smooth surfaces. It supports up to 55 pounds and has a maximum working height of 61.8", minimum height of 10.6", and a folded length of 28.7".

The tripod legs are selectable between free movement or having three locking leg positions so you can use the legs without a spreader. The optional Manfrotto MVASPR2N1 2-in-1 spreader can be attached if desired.


Leg Locks

The legs feature Manfrotto's Ultra-L Lock for the Twin Fast tripod legs. This allows you to lock and unlock both leg stages using only one locking lever located at the top of each leg, so you don't have to bend down to unlock the legs.

Spreader or Spreaderless

The legs incorporate a locking mechanism that enables the legs to move completely freely, suitable when working with a spreader, or to lock at one of three angles, 70, 50, and 20°, which is suitable for use when working without a spreader.

Rubber Feet

You can use the included rubber feet to protect delicate surfaces from the tripod's foot spikes.

100 to 75mm Bowl Adapter

The legs feature a 100mm bowl and include a 100 to 75mm bowl adapter. This provides the flexibility to use a video head with either a 100 or 75mm leveling ball.
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Manfrotto 2-in-1 Mid-Level/Ground Spreader

This 2-in-1 Mid-Level/Ground Spreader from Manfrotto can be used as either a mid-level spreader or a ground spreader with select Manfrotto tripod legs.


The spreader keeps the tripod legs from flying apart, providing you with a stable platform
The spreader folds, which allows you to leave it attached to the legs for transporting or storage
Use as a ground spreader when working on hard, flat surfaces
A mid-level spreader allows you to work on uneven terrain without sacrificing stability
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Manfrotto
Material Aluminum
Load Capacity 10 Pounds
Max Height 61-65"
Quick Release Yes
Number Of Sections (Legs) 3
Independent Legs No
Bubble Level Yes