What's New: A Tour Of Our New Online Store

Over the last several months, we have been hard at work on a new online store and online photo ordering system. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite new features, and invite you to check them out for yourself!

Dodd Camera's Online store:

Search and Navigation:

Our number one goal was to make it easier for you to find the products and information that you are looking for. Our new search engine makes it extremely easy for you to search for products, as well as information throughout our website. When you are in the mood to browse the store, the new navigation bar is broken down by product category to make it easy!


We have improved the filters that you can use when browsing for products. This allows you to sort product categories and search results by brand, price, product features, and more!


We are beyond excited to connect with you through the new blog on doddcamera.com! We will keep you updated on what's new in the photography world, as well as offer tips and tricks from our staff.

Dodd Camera's Photo Finishing Store:


Dodd Camera's new online photo finishing store brings improved usability and endless customization to your photo projects. Working with a template but want to change the position of a photo? Simply click and drag to reposition the photo. You can even resize and add more photos to any template!

Projects & Albums:

One of our favorite new features of the new photo finishing store is the ability to save projects. We understand how much time you put into your photo projects and understand that it sometimes takes multiple sessions at the computer to get things just right. With our new photo finishing store, you can save projects and get back to them at your convenience!

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