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  • Winter Show & Sale in Cleveland

    Our Winter Show & Sale has become an annual tradition at our East 30th store in Cleveland. It presents us with the opportunity to connect our customers with manufacturer representatives as well as offer in store specials on the latest photography equipment!

    This year, we are adding excitement by offering the first 25 customers each day an envelope that includes Dodd Dollars valued up to $100! Plus, we will be offering customers free sensor cleanings (one sensor cleaning per customer). FREE Tech Sessions will be taking place in our classroom (arrive early - limited seating). These Tech Sessions will provide you with an opportunity to learn new skills, including audio recording, lighting techniques and creative lens techniques. A complete list of Tech Sessions with descriptions can be found below:


    Tech Session Details:

    The New Sennheiser MKE440 Microphone!
    Sponsored by Sennheiser

    Sennheiser is proud to present a session on the AVX system from Sennheiser and their new MK440. The best of both worlds combine .Crystal clear, professional audio brought by a stellar, reliable company that continues to be an innovator in the industry as it has for the past 50 plus years. Combined with immense ease of use and an matched performance, this session will enable you to add fantastic audio quality to superb visuals , completing your masterpiece for years to come. This session will be presented by Ricardo Hurtado, fun, informative and interactive! “

    Easy Continuous Lighting for Portraits
    Sponsored by Westcott

    Westcott representative Pete Fox will demonstrate step-by-step techniques to show how easy portraits can be made with a value priced continuous light setup. Pete will show you how to set-up for flattering images with lighting that shows you the results of the light even before you take the photograph. Learn how modifiers like softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors can enhance your lighting with any light source. Level-Beginner

    Creating Portraits that Stand Out
    Sponsored by Westcott

    Westcott representative Pete Fox will show how to take your portrait images to the next level using a Beauty dish, specialty reflectors and a line of modifiers that has an ability to create a variety of looks from your light very quickly.  Level-Intermediate +

    DSLR Audio - Microphone Selection & Application
    Sponsored by RODE

    This class will be an overall run-through of microphone options for DSLR cameras.  Presenting each type of microphone used for on camera recording to DSLRs and external recording devices.  Briefly discussing a microphone’s design and educate on the science behind it.  Finally, going over the most common applications for each type of microphone.
    Presented by Product Specialist Ryan White

    How to use the Creative Filters and Exposure Modes built into the Olympus Camera System

    Learn how to use those creative filters that are already built into your Olympus camera system! Olympus Sales Representative Mike Amico will cover just what filters are available, how to find them and how to use them to unleash your creative potential! Mike will also show some example images that showcase what these features can do to enhance your next Photography outing!

    Reigniting your Creativity with Lensbaby
    with Ben Hutchinson

    Do you love the act of photography - experimenting, tinkering, opening yourself up to surprising results? Are you looking for new tools to add something special to your images and your vision? Lensbaby makes award winning creative lenses to help you discover the wonder of photography. Embrace the vintage timelessness of the brand new Twist 60. Redefine distortion and capture beyond what the eye can see with the ultra-wide 185° Circular Fisheye. Create emotion with the film-like, organic qualities of the Velvet 56 classic lens with macro capabilities. Spotlight specifics with a dramatic sweet spot of focus with the Composer Pro with Sweet 50. Whether your favorite camera is your interchangeable lens camera or your phone, Lensbaby will remind you why you fell in love with photography in the first place.

    Off-Camera Flash
    Sponsored by Phottix

    This program will deal with the ability to remove your flash from your camera, coordinate that flash with camera functions, and create beautiful imagery of studio like quality with a simple off-camera flash set up. Modern radio controls and state of the art electronics have made this process easier than ever. Why settle for flat lighting and or poor quality lighting when for a minimal investment you can have studio quality lighting almost anywhere. Doug will show you how to think like a pro-studio photographer on a budget and capture images through the use of manual as well as ETTL setting. a discussion of the lighting ratio setting and how to use them will allow you to go into the field with confidence. By the end of this program you will have gained the knowledge necessary to step into the world of professional off-camera flash photography. Yes this can be challenging, yes it is technical, and yes it produces results that every photographer dreams of.
    Presented by Photographer Doug Hansgate

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