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  • KEH Trade In Event - Chicago


    Give your old gear new life!

    Trade in your used gear toward something new during our trade in event at our Chicago store on June 22nd and 23rd and receive a 10% trade in bonus!

    There are certain items KEH will no longer purchase such as: Video Cassette Camcorders, Point & Shoot Film Cameras (we do purchase Leica, Contax, and other high-end brand point & shoot film cameras), Point & Shoot Digital Cameras under 8 megapixels, darkroom equipment, Polaroid cameras (we do purchase the Polaroid SX-70), camera bags, lighting that requires a power pack (we do purchase mono-lights), tripods (we do purchase Bogen, Manfrotto, and Gitzo brand tripods), slide projectors and film scanners.

    * Quotes given in store will include the 10% trade in bonus. Cash value will differ as the bonus is only valid on trade-ins.

    ** Quotes are valid only during the trade in event!


  • Spring EXPO in Cleveland

    Stop by our Cleveland store on May 4th and 5th for our Annual Spring Expo! Our vendor reps will be available to discuss the latest products and offer tips and tricks, and we are hosting FREE Tech Sessions, FREE sensor cleanings, 20% off used gear, and we will be giving away $1000 worth of Dodd Camera gift cards!

    Check out our tech session schedule below:

    Arrive early as seating is limited!

    The NEW Sony A7 III
    Join Sony Tech Rep Barrett McGivney as he discusses the features of their latest release, the A7 III and why it’s taking the Photo Industry by storm.
    Friday, May 4th     10AM     30 minute session

    Fuji Tech Talk
    with Jackie Hillyer from Fujifilm
    Join Jackie for a fast fun-filled session about the latest products from Fuji including the brand new X-H1 Mirrorless Digital Camera!
    Friday, May 4th     11:00AM     30 minute presentation

    Creative Food Photography
    Take your food photography to the next level and utilizing light, shadow, and lenses to enhance your best shot. Join Mike Amico from Olympus for this fun and exciting session.
    Friday, May 4th     12:30PM     90 minute presentation

    Lighting for the Face
    presented by Ruben Cruz from Westcott
    Join Ruben Dario Cruz as he walks you through creating common lighting patterns for the face used in Professional Portrait work. Ruben will use the NEW Westcott Solid lights utilizing one, two, and three light set ups demonstrating simple and effective methods for producing pleasing and striking portraiture.
    Ruben will cover these typical concerns in his presentation:

    • Light placement relative to the subject
    • Metering light
    • Quality of Light
    • Soft boxes and modifiers
    • Lighting patterns include: Short, Broad, Rembrandt, Butterfly, and Split lighting

    Bring your camera for a hands-on shooting opportunity.
    Friday, May 4th     3:00PM     90 minute presentation

    Making Money with Mirrorless
    with Joe Krehlik sponsored by Fuji
    Mirrrorless camera technology has continued to evolve at a blistering pace, and is quickly
    becoming the tool of choice for many photographers worldwide. Whether you are an
    emerging artist or a seasoned professional, we will discuss what makes these cameras
    diferent, and how they provide features that are another tool in your arsenal to enable
    you to be more profitable.

    In our shooting bay, we will demonstrate tethering capabilities and discuss
    shooting with purpose, which is a key strategy of proftable photographers. From there
    our discussion will turn to workfow, and ways we can harness the power mirrorless
    cameras provide to save time.
    Saturday, May 5th     12:30PM     2 hour presentation

  • Sony a7r Mark III - Now Shipping

    - Order Yours -

    35mm Full-Frame 42.4 MP1 Back-Illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS Image Sensor with Evolved Image Processing

    • Continuous Shooting at up to 10 fps2 with either Silent Shooting or Mechanical Shutter and full Auto Focus/Auto Exposure tracking
    • 399 phase-detection AF points covering 68%3 of image area, 425 contrast AF points and approximately 2 times more effective Eye AF4
    • 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization with a 5.5 step5shutter speed advantage
    • High Resolution 4K6 Movie Shooting with full pixel readout and no pixel binning7
    • Completely redesigned for professionals, including upgraded Auto Focus, Dual SD Card Slots, Extended Battery Life, SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.1 Gen 1) USB Type-C™ Terminal and more
    • Compact, Lightweight body at only 23 oz

    Thanks to an evolutionary leap in image processing power and efficiency, the new α7R III combines a high-resolution 42.4 MP1 back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor with impressive shooting speeds at up to 10 fps2 with full AF/AE tracking, as well as beautiful image and 4K6 video quality, wide 15-stop9 dynamic range, high sensitivity with noise reduction of almost a full stop4 and more.   With these immense capabilities and a compact, lightweight body, it’s an extremely versatile tool for photographers, videographers, multi-media creators and all other types of professionals that demand reliability, flexibility and versatility.

    A New Level of Image Quality

    The 42.4MP high-resolution, back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor utilizes a gapless on-chip lens design and AR (anti-reflective) coating on the surface of the sensor’s seal glass to dramatically improve light collection efficiency, resulting in high sensitivity with low-noise performance and wide dynamic range.

    Sony’s new α7R III also features a new front-end LSI that effectively doubles* the readout speed of the image sensor, as well as an updated BIONZ X™ processing-engine that boosts processing speed by approximately 1.8 times compared to the α7R II.  These powerful components work together to allow the camera to shoot at faster speeds while also enabling its impressive ISO range of 100 - 32000 (expandable to ISO 50 – 102400 for still images) and massive 15-stop9 dynamic range at low sensitivity settings.  This ensures outstanding overall performance at all settings and in all shooting conditions.

    This new full-frame model was built without an optical low pass filter to maximize resolution, while also having the ability to output 14 bit RAW format even when shooting in silent or continuous mode.  The camera is equipped with an innovative 5-axis optical image stabilization system that has been fine-tuned to support its high-resolution shooting capacity, resulting in a 5.5 step5 shutter speed advantage, the world’s highest10 compensation performance for an image stabilization system.  There is also a new low-vibration shutter that reduces vibration and image blur in all modes, including the high speed 10 fps shooting, as well as several advancements in accurate color reproductions of skin tones.

    High-Performance AF and AF/AE Tracking at up to 10 fps2

    The innovative new α7R III full-frame mirrorless camera is equipped with a refined image processing system that allows it to shoot full 42.4MP images at up to 10 fps with continuous, accurate AF/AE tracking for up to 76 JPEG / RAW images or 28 uncompressed RAW images11.  This high speed 10 fps mode is available with either a mechanical shutter or a completely silent shooting12, adding to the immense flexibility of the camera.  The camera can also shoot continuously at up to 8 fps13 in live view mode with minimal lag in the viewfinder or LCD screen.  These high speed options ensure that fast moving subjects can be captured with extreme accuracy and incredible image detail.

    For added convenience, while large groups of burst images are being written to the memory card, many of the cameras key functions are operable, including access to the ‘Fn’ (Function) and ‘Menu’ buttons, image playback and several other menus and parameters* including image rating and other functions that facilitate on-location image sorting.

    Additionally, if there is fluorescent or artificial lighting present in a shooting environment, users can activate the Anti-flicker14 function to allow the α7R III to automatically detect frequency of the lighting and time the shutter to minimize its effect on images being captured.  This minimizes any exposure or color anomalies that can sometimes occur at the top and bottom of images shot at high shutter speeds.

    The upgraded focusing system of the α7R III is comprised of 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points that cover approximately 68% of the image area in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  There is also 425 contrast AF points, an increase of 400 points compared to the α7R II.  This advanced system delivers AF acquisition in about half the time as the α7R II in low-light conditions, with tracking that is approximately 2 times more accurate as well.  The acclaimed Eye AF feature is also approximately 2 times more effective, and is available when utilizing Sony’s A-mount lenses with an adapter15.

    Additional improvements in focusing flexibility include AF availability in Focus Magnifier mode, focal-plane phase-detection AF support when using A-mount lenses16, an ‘AF On’ button, a multi-selector or ‘joystick’ for moving focusing points quickly, flexible touch focus functionality and much more.

    High Quality 4K for the Video Professionals

    The new α7R III is exceptionally capable as a video camera, offering 4K (3840x2160 pixels) video recording across the full width of the full-frame image sensor.  When shooting in Super 35mm format, the camera uses full pixel readout without pixel binning to collect 5K17 of information, oversampling it to produce high quality 4K footage with exceptional detail and depth.

    A new HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) 18 is available on the α7R III that supports an Instant HDR workflow, allowing HDR (HLG) compatible TV’s to playback beautiful, true-to-life 4K HDR imagery.  Further, both S-Log2 and S-Log3 are available for increased color grading flexibility.  The camera can also record Full HD at 120 fps at up to 100 Mbps6, allowing footage to be reviewed and eventually edited into 4x or 5x slow motion19 video files in Full HD resolution with AF tracking.

    Build, Design and Customization for Professionals

    Sony’s newest full-frame camera is equipped with a variety of enhanced capabilities that give it a true professional operational style.  These include dual media slots, with support in one slot for UHS-II type SD memory cards.  Users have a variety of options for storing their content, including separate JPEG / RAW recording, separate still image / movie recording, relay recording and more.  Battery life has been greatly extended as well, as the new camera utilizes Sony’s Z series battery that have approximately 2.2 times the capacity of the W series battery utilized in the α7R II.

    The α7R III features an upgraded high-resolution, high-luminance Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder with approximately 3,686k dots for extremely accurate, true-to-life detail reproduction.  The Tru-Finder, also found in the acclaimed Sony α9 camera, utilizes a ZEISS T* Coating to greatly reduce reflections, and has a fluorine coating on the outer lens that repels dirt.  It also has a customizable frame rate, with options of either 60 fps or 120 fps20 to best match the action.  The LCD screen has been upgraded as well, with a resolution of 1.44M dots and WhiteMagic™ technology that improves viewing in bright, outdoor conditions. “Standard” or “High” display quality settings are also available for both the viewfinder and monitor as well. “High” takes advantage of the large amount of data read from the 42.4MP sensor to provide extra fine viewfinder and monitor displays for a more natural view.  The new camera also offers a multi-selector joystick that provides a fast, efficient way to shift focus points, as well as an ‘AF ON’ button to activate autofocus when shooting stills or movies.

    The new α7R III allows for convenient transfer of files to a smartphone, tablet, computer or FTP server via Wi-Fi, while also including a sync terminal, enabling external flash units and cables to be connected directly for convenient flash sync.  A SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.1 Gen 1) USB Type-C Terminal is also available for increased flexibility in power supply or connected accessories, as well as a faster image transfer speed when connected to a PC.

    New “Imaging Edge” Software Suite and Pixel Shift Multi Shooting Mode

    New with the α7R III is a software suite called “Imaging Edge” that extends the creative capabilities of the entire shooting process – from pre-processing to post-processing.   “Imaging Edge” provides three PC applications called ‘Remote’, ‘Viewer’ and ‘Edit’, available for free download, which support live-view PC remote shooting and RAW development.

    Also making its debut on the versatile α7R III is a new Pixel Shift Multi Shooting mode, which takes full advantage of the advanced 5-axis optical in-body stabilization to create beautiful true-to-life, super-high resolution composite images.  In this mode, the camera precisely shifts the sensor in 1-pixel increments to capture four separate pixel-shifted images containing a total of approximately 169.6 MP* of image data.  These four images can be composited together and processed utilizing the new “Imaging Edge” software suite.  This ultimately results in a still image with overwhelming resolution and an unprecedented level of color accuracy, and is ideal for photographing architecture, art or any other still life photography subject with many intricate details and colors.

  • Cleveland Winter Expo

    Each year, we invite manufacturers to join us at our East 30th store in Cleveland to provide our customers with an opportunity to explore their product lines, learn new things, and take advantage of exclusive in store savings. We are excited to be continuing this annual event this year on November 17th & 18th!

    This year's event will feature representatives from more than 17 different manufacturers. We will be offering FREE sensor cleanings (one per customer), $500  in Gift Card Give-Aways, FREE tech sessions, and door prizes from Think Tank, MagMod, Peak Design, SKB, and Black Rapid!

    Friday Tech Session Schedule:

    10:00 AM to 11:30 AM- Portraits 101 - Learn the Basics of Portraiture with Bob Sims (Sponsored by Tamron)

    12:00 PM to 1:oo PM - The Sony A9 - Re-Introduced - It's More Than Speed! With Barret McGivney (Sponsored by Sony)

    2:00 PM - Mirrorless Landscape Photography with Mike Amico (Sponsored by Olympus)

    4:00 PM - Choosing the Right Lens For Your Subject with Bob Sims (Sponsored by Tamron)


    Saturday Tech Session Schedule:

    10:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Black & White Portrait Workshop with Jef Janis (Sponsored by Westcott)

    10 seat capacity - advance registration is required to reserve your spot! (SOLD OUT)

    1:00 PM to 1:30 PM - Top Tricks and Tricks with Jackie Hillyer (Sponsored by Fujifilm)

    2:00 PM to 3:00 PM - The Magic Of Mirrorless with Barret McGivney (Sponsored by Sony)

  • Tamron Tuesdays!

    Join Tamron Representatives at select Dodd Camera locations from 12:00 - 4:00 pm for hands-on demonstrations and in-store Q&A followed by an evening educational seminar. These events are FREE. Tamron bonus mail-in rebates will be available at each event, so be sure to visit if you are looking at purchasing a new lens!


    Nature, Travel & Landscape

    November 7th at Dodd Camera in Avon, Ohio

    Tamron Tech: Armando Flores

    Description: Photography enabled Armando to travel to many foreign lands to attend large media events where he met many interesting people. His passion has always been in lending a hand to the aspiring photographer.



    Portrait 101

    November 14th at Dodd Camera in Mentor, Ohio

    Tamron Sales Rep: Bob Sims

    Description: As a professional photographer for over 14 years, Bob specializes in weddings, High School Seniors, corporate headshots, and sorority/fraternity composites. In his workshop, Bob will share tips and tricks and demonstrate key principles of portrait photography using Tamron Lenses!

    Register Now!

    Nature, Travel & Landscape

    November 21st at Dodd Camera in Beavercreek, Ohio

    Tamron Tech: Pat Nagle

    Description: Taking photos has given him the ability to open his eyes to the world in a new way, and has led him to teach about and share his photography with enthusiasts across the country.


  • Cincinnati Customer Appreciation Festival

    Join Us in Cincinnati on October 13th & 14th for our Customer Appreciation Festival!

    Dodd Camera Cincinnati: 6475 East Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 Phone Number: 513-791-3333

    This weekend marks our 5-year anniversary in Cincinnati. We've made so many friends over the last five years that we feel like celebrating! We've put together a fun-filled weekend complete with entertainment for photographers and their families. In addition to having nearly everything in the store on sale, you can also take advantage of free sensor cleanings, free seminars, free entertainment, free refreshments, a DJI New Pilot Experience, giveaways, and more!

    5 Year Anniversary Sale and Trade Show

    Friday, October 13th 10AM-6PM
    We’re celebrating our 5 year anniversary by putting everything in the store on sale! Take advantage of extra in-store savings and bonus rebates this weekend only. We’re also welcoming Tamron, Fuji, Profoto, and Manfrotto to our showroom to take part in this special occasion. 
    Free Sensor Cleanings
    Dodd Camera will be providing free sensor cleanings this weekend (Friday & Saturday). Bring your camera to drop off for cleaning and pick it up same day! No registration required, one camera per person please.
    Free Seminars
    Join Bob Sims from Tamron as he presents two free seminars!
    • Which Lens? Choosing the right lens for your subject — 12:00PM
    • Portraits 101 - Learn the basics of portraiture — 4:00PM
    Trade Show & Sale
    Join us as we welcome our sponsors Tamron, Fuji, Profoto, and Manfrotto to kick off our Customer Appreciation Weekend. Take advantage of extra savings on your favorite brands. Nearly everything in the store is on sale this weekend!
    Contests & Giveaways
    We’ll be running giveaways throughout the day to show appreciation to our customers. Be sure to stop by to see what you can win from Dodd Camera!

    Family Fun Festival

    Saturday, October 14th 10AM-4PM
    Our customer appreciation weekend continues! We’ve brought in entertainment from the Cincinnati Circus Company along with a petting zoo from Honey Hill Farm for the kids to enjoy. We’ll have an inflatable obstacle course, face painting, arts and crafts, snacks and refreshments, and more! You can also learn to fly with DJI as they are offering a new pilot experience workshop complete with a hands-on lesson. Bring the whole family as we celebrate what makes us great — you!
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly a drone? Maybe your considering the brand new, state-of-the-art Mavic or Spark from DJI? Learn to fly safely and unlock your creativity by attending the DJI New Pilot Experience.
    Following an informative indoor session, participants will get hands-on flight experience with Mavic Pro and Spark from experienced instructors outdoors. Pilots will also have the chance to win prizes by completing the exciting NPE Challenge.
    Call 513-791-3333 or email [email protected] for more info or to register.
    Free Sensor Cleaning
    We’re continuing to clean sensors on Saturday! Don’t forget to bring in up to two cameras and we’ll clean them for free! No registration required.
    Free Family or Business Portraits
    We’re opening up our photography studio and giving away a free 10-minute portrait session, perfect for the business professional who needs a new headshot or a quick family photo for this year’s holiday cards. Participants will receive one free 8X10 print along with the digital files. 
    Call 513-791-3333 or email [email protected] to reserve your spot. Walk-ins will receive the next available time slot.
    Free Entertainment for the Family
    We’re providing free entertainment for the family all day!
    • Magicians, jugglers, & LED light spinners
    • Inflatable bounce house
    • Mobile petting zoo
    • Face paining and instant photo booth
    • Arts & Crafts
    • and more!
    Mark your calendar and don't miss this fantastic event!
  • Announcing The NEW Profoto A1 On Camera Flash!

    The Profoto A1 is designed with light shaping capabilities; it has a unique round head with a soft, smooth fall-off that makes it easy to create a natural and beautiful light. It also includes a smart magnetic mount and three dedicated A1 Light Shaping Tools that click on and off quickly and easily – a Dome Diffuser, Wide Lens and Bounce Card. They can be stacked for more creative options. The A1 also offers a built-in LED modeling light that makes it easy to set the light and understand how light and shadows work together.

    And it’s extremely easy to use. The user interface is large, clean and clear. Like all Profoto products, it’s intuitive to use and you don’t need to read a long instruction manual to understand how it works. AirTTL remote is also built in to the A1. With AirTTL and HSS you create professional results fast and easy and with the remote you can seamless connect to other Profoto flashes and control them easily from the A1.

    Profoto A1 is not only an on-camera flash, it’s also very effective off-camera as a standalone unit. The A1 has its own Li-Ion high capacity battery built-in that lasts up to four times longer than AA batteries with no performance fade, and a facility to recharge quickly. So you can shoot for longer with confidence. A1 can keep up with you because it recycles four times faster than other on-camera solutions – that’s 1.2s at full power. Put simply, you’ll never miss a shot.


    • Round head with soft, smooth and natural fall off.
    • AirTTL and HSS for a beautiful professional image fast.
    • Smart magnetic click-on mount for A1 Light Shaping Tools.
    • Dedicated A1 Light Shaping Tools available.
    • LED modeling light integrated to the head.
    • Air Remote built-in.
    • Rechargeable and exchangeable Li-Ion battery.
    • 1.2s recycling time.
    • TTL/MAN switch.
    • Built in motor-zoom with hand control.
    • Auto focus (AF) assist.
    • Large Hi-Res display.
  • Photographing the Eclipse with #DoddPro Roger Mastroianni!

    #DoddPro Roger Mastroianni Photographs the Eclipse #DoddPro Roger Mastroianni Photographs the Eclipse

    #DoddPro Roger Mastroianni spent some time in St. Louis, Missouri on Monday experiencing and photographing the Eclipse. We sat down with him to discuss his experience and check out his work!

    What expectations did you have about photographing the eclipse?

    I thought photographing the eclipse would be more of an event for astronomers with their telescopes on equatorial mounts and wanted to stay away from the crowds and traffic jams because of all the hype and interest in the solar event. I was a little concerned about the weather and in the end was lucky enough to get the shot just before the clouds moved in.

    Solar Eclipse 2017_048

    Why did you decide to travel to see and photograph the eclipse?

    Seeing the Total Eclipse of the Sun is something that I've wanted to experience since I witnessed a partial eclipse in 1994. The fact that you could choose from so many locations across the United States made traveling a no brainer. I chose St Louis, Missouri to shoot the eclipse because my daughter is a student at Washington University in St Louis and it was an opportunity to visit with her. I'm more familiar with St. Louis and knew it would be easier to get around than Nashville or the Western United States.

    Solar Eclipse 2017_404

    How did you photograph it?

    I arrived early to claim a spot that I had scoped out the day before. I waited in the 99 degree heat, tracking the sun with my solar glasses until 1:18 PM CST when the Eclipse occurred. I had chosen the St. Louis Arch because I knew the eclipse would be at such a high elevation in the sky and needed something to frame it with.

    Solar Eclipse 2017_074

    What equipment did you use, and why?

    I used the Sony A9 and the new Sony 100-400mm F/4-5.6 Lens with an 18 stop ND filter for the partial eclipse and then no filter during the total eclipse. I chose a Sony mirrorless camera because of their live-view capabilities, which offered me extra eye protection when compared with an optical viewfinder. I did use a Nikon D810 and the PhaseOne Fx for the wide views.

    Solar Eclipse 2017_385

    What was your experience? Was it profound, or not?

    Experiencing the eclipse was a profoundly moving experience. Being able to be in the right spot at the right time as predicted by science and witnessing the moon block out the sun, watching the street lights turn on in the middle of the day and hearing the crickets chirp confused by the darkness was an other worldly experience.

    #DoddPro Roger Mastroianni

  • Eclipse Photo Contest

    Celebrate the upcoming Eclipse with us by participating in our Eclipse Photo Contest! A panel of judges consisting of guest judges from Fujifilm, Olympus and the Cleveland Metroparks will pick winning photos from one of four categories:

    Grand Prize: Best Overall Photo

    Runners Up: Best Landscape | Best Documentary Style | Most Creative

    Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on 8/27/2017. Judging for all categories will take place the week of 8/28/17.

    Please follow the below rules to ensure we receive your entry:

    1. Experience and photograph the Eclipse on August 21st!
    2. Post your photos to Facebook and or Instagram using the following two hashtags: #DoddCamera #SolarEclipse2017
    3. Submit a high resolution digital copy of your photo using the following link:
    4. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see who won!
  • Tamron Lens Rentals at Dodd Camera

    Need a lens for an upcoming shoot, but not ready to buy? Our rental department has you covered with the latest Tamron lenses!

    Call or visit your local Dodd Camera store to reserve a lens today.

    Tamron Lens Rental Rates (Daily):

    Tamron 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II - $25

    Tamron 15-30mm F/2.8 Di I VC USD - $35

    Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 Di II VC - $25

    Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD - $35

    Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 - $35

    Tamron 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di VC USD - $25

    Tamron 150-600mm F/5.6-6.3 Di VC USD G2 - $35

    Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-5.6 Di II VC PZD - $25

    Tamron 16-300mm F/3.5-5.6 Di II VC PZD - $25

    Tamron 28-300mm Di VC USD PZD - $25

    Tamron 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD - $25

    Tamron 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD - $25

    Tamron 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD - $25

    Tamron 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro - $25

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