POLAROID 600 Camera - Impulse

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POLAROID 600 Camera - Impulse
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  • Accepts 600-Type Instant Film
  • Single-Element 113mm Lens
  • Built-In Automatic Pop-Up Flash
  • Lighten/Darken Exposure Control Slider


Designed to be simple-to-use, yet unique in appearance, the 600 Impulse is a 600-type instant film camera carefully refurbished by Polaroid Originals. The durable single-piece body design is fitted with rubber binocular-style side grips for easy handling, and its sturdy construction is well-suited for everyday use. The fixed lens 113mm single-element lens incorporates a sliding focus adjustment switch, and an exposure control lever allows you to manually increase or decrease exposure times to suit working in different lighting conditions. Additionally, a tripod socket is featured on the base of the camera for taking steady long exposures.

Each pack of instant film contains a built-in, single use battery to power both the camera and flash. This system allows for smart energy use and quick recharge times, and the flash will automatically recharge when you load film into the camera, press the shutter halfway down, take a picture, or open the camera. This refurbished model is fitted with a new Film Shield from Polaroid Originals, which ensures consistent and accurate developing after each shot by shielding the film from light when it is expelled from the camera.

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Additional Information

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