Kodak Portra 160 Pro Film 120 5 Pack Propack

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Kodak Portra 160 Pro Film 120 5 Pack Propack
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• Smooth, natural skin tones

• Extremely fine grain

• Ideal choice for portrait, fashion, and commercial work. 



KODAK Portra 160 Pro film 120 5 pack propack.  

KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 160 Film features a significantly finer grain structure for improved scanning and enlargement capability in today's workflow, while retaining the exceptionally smooth and natural skin tone reproduction that the PORTRA Film family is renowned for. PORTRA 160 Film is the ideal choice for portrait, fashion and commercial photography, either in the studio, or on location.


• Incorporates Entertainment Imaging’s KODAK VISION Film Technology

• Kodak Advanced Cubic Emulsions • Antenna Dye Sensitization in magenta emulsion layers

• Kodak proprietary Targeted Advanced Development Accelerators

• Micro-Structure Optimized KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsions

• Improved grain

• Ideal for scanning

 • Optimized Emulsion Spectral Sensitivity and Image Modifier Chemistry

• Beautiful, neutral skin tones and superb color reproduction

• Kodak Advanced Cubic Emulsions

• KodakK Proprietary DIR Couplers

• Optimized sharpness

• Distinct edges, fine detail

• Unified Emulsion Technology

• Printing compatible with other Kodak films.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kodak
VPN 1808674
Type Roll Film
Film Size 120mm
ISO 160