ProMaster HGX Drone Filter Kit for Phantom 3 Series & Phantom 4

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ProMaster HGX Drone Filter Kit for Phantom 3 Series & Phantom 4
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  • Capture Enhanced Aerial Footage
  • ND4, ND8, and Polarizer Filters
  • Achieve Smoother, Better Exposed Videos


Capture enhanced aerial footage with the SANDMARC Aerial Filter Set for the DJI Phantom 4 & 3 Professional / Advanced. Included are two ND filters and a polarizer filter. Between them you can achieve better exposed videos, add motion blur, suppress glare, improve dynamic range, and bring out truer colors. 

All the filters feature industrial-grade, multi-coated glass, and each weighs approximately 1g. The filters can be left on the lens even prior to starting up the drone.

Neutral Density (ND) Filters

  • Capture smoother, better-exposed aerial shots 
  • Add motion blur to your videos for a natural look 
  • ND4 (2-stop ND) is designed for moderately cloudy, moderately sunny days 
  • ND8 (3-stop ND) is for moderately sunny, not cloudy days 

Polarizer Filter

  • Suppress glare from oceans and lakes 
  • Improve dynamic range 
  • Bring out colors in your photos and videos 


  • To ensure optimal image sharpness and quality, these filters use industrial-grade glass that's meticulously multi-coated. Uncoated filters are more likely to allow lens flare.
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Additional Information

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