D5 Video Blog Kit

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D5 Video Blog Kit
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  • For video blogging, web conferencing, and photography
  • Powerful, complete 2-light kit
  • Five switches control power on each D5
  • 1000 watt output
  • Beautiful, daylight-balanced lamps
  • X-Drop and D5 softboxes feature quick setup
  • Compact storage
  • CE certified for safety


The 2-Light D5 Daylight Octabox Kit with Carry Case from Westcott is a comprehensive kit featuring two daylight balanced continuous light sources. Bundled with the two D5 5-socket light heads are the compatible power cords, ten 27-watt daylight fluorescent lamps, two durable 6' light stands, and two dedicated 32" Octabox softboxes that feature a reflective silver interior for maximized output and heat-resistant rods that mount exclusively to the D5’s built-in rod receptacles.

The D5 features 5 heat-resistant ceramic sockets for use with 5 daylight fluorescent lamps up to 50 watts each. The D5 is housed in a durable yet lightweight nylon head and is both CE and UL certified for safety. This housing features 5 power switches that control each lamp for enhanced control. Built on a tilter bracket, the Westcott Basics D5 is designed with a comfortable handle for easy positioning. The D5's tilter bracket fits on virtually all light stands and has a built-in umbrella receptacle. This 270W kit is effective for portraiture and its compact design allows for quick setup in home studios or small spaces.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Westcott
VPN 484
Watts 150