uLite 2-Light Collapsible Softbox Kit

uLite 2-Light Collapsible Softbox Kit
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  • Two uLite 500W Edison-Style Fixtures
  • Two Daylight LED Bulbs & Tungsten Covers
  • 20 x 20" Collapsible Softbox
  • 26" Collapsible Octabox


Get the lighting you need to shoot beautiful portraits with this uLite LED 2-Light Collapsible Softbox Kitfrom Westcott. It bundles in two uLite 500W Edison-style fixtures with two 35W daylight LED bulbs with tungsten covers to provide highly accurate and efficient illumination for your models. Users can choose between both a 20 x 20" collapsible softbox or 26" collapsible octabox to get the exact look they desire. Additionally, two 6.5' light stands are included for support.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Westcott
VPN 404
Watts 150