PROMASTER Unplugged M400 Battery Powered Two Light Kit

PROMASTER Unplugged M400 Battery Powered Two Light Kit
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  • 2 Light Stands
  • 1 Unplugged mTransmitter (6712)
  • 2 Unplugged batteries (6817)
  • 2 Unplugged battery chargers (6922)
  • 2 Reflectors with removable diffusers
  • 2 Unplugged flash tubes (6831) (user replaceable)
  • 1 23A battery for mTransmitter
  • 1 Rolling storage case


The PROMASTER UNPLUGGED m400 MONOLIGHT is a high-powered, wireless strobe that gives you the freedom to light a subject from just about anywhere. A wireless transmitter is included, so you camera can fire the lights' built in receivers up to 300' away on one of 16 channels. The m400's controls are straightforward and reliable. Turn the audible alarm and LED modeling light on or off depending on your surroundings and needs.

This 2 light kit includes everything you need to start creating beautiful lighting setups. Just add a camera! It can be expanded with a variety of light modifiers and shapers by connecting to the ProMaster-S mount on each light (Bowens-S compatible). You can also add additional mReceivers (product 6719) to include other types of strobe lights and speedlights in your system. And they can all be fired from your camera by the included mTransmitter.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand ProMaster
VPN 6761
Max Watt Seconds 400
Dimmable Yes
Replaceable Flash Tube Yes
Type Studio Strobe
Mount Bowens
Battery Yes
Changeable Reflector Yes