NANLITE Silve Shallow Umbrella 180 71in

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NANLITE Silve Shallow Umbrella 180 71in
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  • Reflective Silver Interior
  • Long Throw Ability with Snappy Contrast
  • 8mm Shaft, Rigid 16-Rod Design


While 71" Silver Shallow Umbrella 180 was designed for NanLite P-series monolights, but its 8mm shaft makes it compatible with most LED, strobe, and constant light fixtures. The light source can be slid anywhere along shaft to focus and de-focus the output to vary the umbrella's very wide coverage that makes it ideal for large groups, expansive spaces, or to increase the ambient light level. The modifier has a rigid 16-rod design and that delivers an even, wrap-around look, while highly the reflective silver interior offers a snappy, contrasty quality of light that can be thrown a considerable distance.

Highly Reflective Interior

The NanLite Silver Shallow Umbrella 180's silver interior maximizes output, creating contrasty light with crisp detail, while it's 16-rod design maintains shape rigidly for evenly spread light.

Wide Diameter

Thanks to its 71" diameter; the Silver Shallow Umbrella 180 creates light with a wrap-around quality and a broad beam angle that's great for wide coverage of groups, large spaces, and more.

Precise Control

For further adjustment, light sources can be positioned anywhere along the umbrella's shaft to control contrast and coverage by focusing or de-focusing the light.

Wide Compatibility

Designed for use with NanLite's P-series LED monolights, the Silver Shallow Umbrella 180 utilizes an 8mm shaft making it compatible with umbrella mounts on most LEDs, strobes, and constant lights.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand nanlite
Watts 150