PROFOTO 10 Degree Honeycomb Grid for Kit

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PROFOTO 10 Degree Honeycomb Grid for Kit
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  • For Zoom Reflector 2
  • Requires Holder for Older Zoom Reflector
  • 10° Grid


This Profoto 10 Degree Honeycomb Grid for Zoom Reflector 2 provides a beam spread of 10 degrees when mounted on a Profoto Zoom Reflector. This grid mounts directly onto the Zoom Reflector 2. 

Note: When used with an older Profoto Zoom Reflector (circa 1990's), this grid requires a barndoor with grid holder, or a grid and filter holder kit. 

Grids are essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads. Using a grid will narrow the circle of light when it is attached to the front of your light source. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the density of the honeycomb, its thickness, and the distance of the subject. The lower the number is in degrees the smaller the circle of light.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Profoto
Watts 150