WESTCOTT 7' Octabank

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WESTCOTT 7' Octabank
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  • Heat-Resistant Fabric to 1000W
  • Solid Steel Rods, Reinforced Rod Pockets
  • Gradated Silver Inner Baffle
  • Rear Enclosure Ventilation Panels


The Westcott 7' Octabank is one of an enhanced line of modifiers that perform as admirably as their standard softboxes do, but are also fabricated with structural integrity that, as their 10-year warranty attests, is up to the challenge of years of use. Since longevity is key to the softbox's construction, Westcott uses solid steel rods and extended rod sleeves with reinforced pockets for a tight, smooth fit. Although not made specifically for hot lights, the use of heavy-duty fabrics backed by double-layer heat-resistant technology allows the Octabank to withstand up to 1000W. To support this type of use, tent-like vents are installed in the body of the modifier to dissipate heat. The 7' Octabank is a is a truly large (some might say giant) light modifier. Not only can it be used as a setup's only light source, but you can actually stand in front of it as you shoot with no effect on the light source - the light simply wraps around you. It's this wrap-around quality that is most pronounced with this size modifier. Used off-axis, it creates a beautiful, classic look with moderate contrast and delicate open shadows. The 7' Octabank is good choice for full length portraiture, fashion, or large sets. Another benefit is the reflection of natural-looking catchlights in your subject's eyes. The Octabank's reflective interior maximizes your light source's output while the removable front diffuser softens it and produces a flattering quality of light. The diffuser has been thoroughly tested and found to be totally free of color cast.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Westcott
VPN 2823
Watts 150