SIRUI 3 Lens Mobile Kit

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SIRUI 3 Lens Mobile Kit
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  • Includes 18mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • Includes 60mm Portrait Lens
  • Includes FE Fisheye Lens
  • Multi-Element Lenses


The 3-Lens Mobile Phone Kit from SIRUI combines their black 18mm Wide-Angle Lens, blue 60mm Portrait Lens, and red FE Fisheye Lens.

The black 18mm Wide-Angle Lens allows users to capture more of the environment in their photos. This is especially useful for landscapes, architecture, and interior photography, as well as confined spaces and environments where the photographer may not be able to move further away from a subject when shooting it. This lens offers a 95° angle of view, 6 element in 6 groups, and less than 2% optical distortion.

The blue 60mm Portrait Lens is designed to capture the clarity and depth needed for shooting portraits, while also rendering pleasing bokeh that is associated with portrait photography. This lens offers a 40° angle of view, 6 elements in 4 groups, and less than 1.2% optical distortion.

The red FE Fisheye Lens captures unique and creative perspectives without vignetting using a 170° angle of view, which also renders optical distortion of 75%. This lens also features 5 elements in 4 groups and can capture macro images.

Also included is a protective case, which is built with a hard shell, an anti-static EVA padded interior, an attached carabiner, and a sliding lock.

General Features

Wider ≠ Wider + Optical Distortion

The SIRUI 18mm Wide Angle Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lens helps you to create professional-quality wide-angle images and limits distortion around the edge of the image.

Blurring Is Not Liquifying

Blurring backgrounds can bring out the sense of space and highlight the object on an image, similar to the effect of a DSLR camera.

Capture the World

SIRUI's Fisheye Lens can capture images without vignetting. It can capture the entire scene from far away or create beautiful closeup (macro) views. This lens is well-suited for capturing unique angles not possible with standard smart phone lenses.


Every Sirui multi-element lens is manufactured from German Schott optical glass and housed in a scientific-grade aluminum housing for increased reliability and durability.

Multiple Lens Adapters

SIRUI Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lenses can be easily attached to your mobile phone with a SIRUI Mobile Phone Protective Case, Lens Mount Adapter, and the Lens Clip Adapter that fits on most brands of mobile phones.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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