Contact-Free Curbside Pickup at Dodd Camera

You can now shop via phone and pick up your order at a participating Dodd Camera location – contact free! Simply call your local Dodd store and arrange for pickup today!

As we open store locations we want to continue to offer curbside pick-up as an alternative method of shopping at Dodd Camera. Contact Free Curbside Pick-Up available at these locations Monday through Friday 10AM-4PM:
Downtown Cleveland  (216) 361-6800
Cincinnati  (513) 791-3333
Austin Landing  (937) 886-4595
Chicago (773) 227-3633
Fairlawn  (330) 873-1700
Columbus  (614) 547-7096

How does contact-free curbside pickup work?

Contact your local Dodd Camera store where you would like to pick up your purchase. You will be able to ultimately ask questions, complete your order, and schedule a pickup. Transactions will be credit card only. Completed orders will be given an agreed upon 30-minute window for pickup. Notify us of your arrival and we’ll bring the merchandise to your vehicle.

Anything else I should know?

Although our select stores will be open for curbside pickup, our locations will remain closed to the public. This means that guests will not be allowed to enter our stores or interact with our customer service representatives face-to-face. Only paid orders for curbside pickup will be processed. We will not be accepting in-store merchandise returns, rental pick-ups or drop-offs, data recovery, repair drop-offs, or other inquiries at this time. Film processing orders can be handled through our mail-in service.

If you have additional questions about curbside pickup, please call us at 1-855-544-1705.

Thank you, Dodd Camera